Last weekend something extraordinary happened.

Pet Business owners from all over the world descended upon Sunderland for the Pet Business Summit of the year. Impact 2024.

This is the second year that I have been to this event and just like last year I now have an action list that I am excited to get my teeth into.

What is Impact 2024?

This is a 2 day event hosted by Dominic Hodgson of Pet Business Marketing that is both inspirational and productive. It’s where ideas flow and brains go into overdrive.

There is no other event (that I am aware of) quite like it.

Being in a room with fellow like minded pet business owners is powerful. We all have different businesses that cater to pets in all sorts of ways and we are all there to give you, the pet owner, the best service that there is.

Taking time out from a business that operates 24/7 is not easy, but this weekend was blocked out of my calendar a year ago. That is how important the event is.

This time last year having attended my very first event I came back with so many ideas. Some of which are still to be actioned.

The biggest change in the business was the way that I ran the Rebarkable Activity Adventures.

These are now themed with different activities taking place each month, which means that no two months are the same.

We’ve had a Star Wars theme, a love theme, a superhero theme, and this month we are in Pawris for the Pawlympics.

Each month I produce ‘Mission Rebarkable’ which explains to pet owners what activities we are going to be doing.

The Mission Rebarkable Formula is the perfect way to ensure that all dogs get to try out a number of different activities that will leave them both mentally and physically enriched.

We have tricks and challenges to master, we have super scent work to try, we have brain games to solve. We have physical exercise to stretch our legs and we have the calm zone to ensure we are returned home sleepy.

All these activities are recorded in every dogs A.C.E (Activity and Canine Enrichment) Passport.

There is no other dog adventure quite like the Rebarkable Activity Adventure in the country.

This is why at this years Pet Business Summit I came away with a Best Dog Adventure Award.

So how does your dog get to attend the award winning Rebarkable Dog Activity Adventure?

If your dog is sociable, well behaved and enjoys trying new things then it’s easy to apply.

The first step is to complete the application form here >>>

You’ll then get sent a link to book a call with me.

On the call I’ll then find out some more information to see if your dog is a good fit for the adventures.

Next we schedule a meet and greet where I will come and visit you and your dog.

After this we book in some solo mini activity adventures.

Once your dog has passed all these stages they will then be invited to try out on an activity adventure.

Is your dog ready to be Rebarkable!