1½ hours of lively and engaging fun-filled activities

Are you a busy business owner who struggles to find time during the working week to give your dog the exercise they need?

Do you work from home and need to focus on your work without the distraction of your attention seeking dog?

Find out how your dog can become part of the Rebarkable Team, and

Make new friends

Play new games

Learn new tricks

And have lots of fun!

Adventures run on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings.


Make new friends

The adventures are limited to 8 dogs which means small groups of dogs and the opportunity for new friendships to be formed.

Play new games

With exclusive use of a secure field your dog will have the freedom to enjoy off lead fun in a safe environment. Through game playing all the adventures guarantee both mental and physical exercise.

Learn new tricks

This is your dog’s chance to shine!

Each month we set the dogs a new challenge to achieve, and new tricks to perform.

Past months include learning to ring a bell, giving kisses and performing leg weaves.

And have lots of fun!

Each month we change the theme of our adventures. One month we could be bringing our inner PawCasso out creating art masterpieces. Or you may find us dressing up as Pirates, doing agility trials and ensuring that we survive ‘walking the plank’!

Benji loves the interaction with other dogs, he uses his brain power and I love how the adventures get him engaged in activities. He sleeps so well after the adventures too.


Mum to Benji

The dogs absolutely adore her – the tails (and entire bodies) go crazy when they hear her van coming up the road and they can’t wait to jump into her van and disappear off for an adventure. They play all sorts of games and come back exhausted. Sleepy dogs = happy owners.

We get lots of photos of their fun and games, and the little extra touches make all the difference.


Mum to Luna and Ginny

I get as much pleasure watching what my dog gets up to on his adventures with Caroline, as I’m sure he does actually being on the adventure.


Mum to Flynn