Hi I’m Caroline,

Professional Poop Picker Upper!

As my job title states I am a professional poop picker upper, I am also the founder of The Pet Sitter Solihull and Rebarkable Dog Adventures.

During the summer of 2021 when Covid restrictions lifted slightly, Paul and I decided that a summer break would be a good way to recharge the batteries. Having worked for a charity supporting the elderly, 2021 had been a particularly busy and tiring year.

With 2 guinea pigs and 3 cats we needed someone who could deal with all their different quirks and challenges. After much searching we both came to the decision that separate holidays were the only way forward. So that year I went away with my children, and then Paul went away with his. Fine for one year, but not an ideal solution for future family holidays.

It was on my return back to work after the holiday, that I realised I could combine my caring qualities from work with my love of animals. The Pet Sitter Solihull was founded to provide a premier cat feeding service and overnight home & pet sitting for Solihull’s pets.

I love being outdoors and exploring the countryside which is why I decided to add dog walking to the services. However, I knew that if I found pavement walks around the block boring, then what must the dogs think. And this is how Rebarkable Dog Adventures came to be.

Rebarkable Dog Adventures are the ultimate experience for energetic dogs that love exploring new places and sniffing out new adventures.

Meet the rest of the team behind Rebarkable Dog Adventures

We’re a caring team made up of humans and furry creatures that love the outdoors, cuddles, treats and 6am zoomies around the house (the furry creatures, definitely not the humans 😉)


The Accountant and Adventure Leader

Paul has a love for numbers, pets and football (he is an Arsenal fan). When he is not running around playing games with dogs you can find him running around the tennis court chasing tennis balls. He has a mean serve which makes him the perfect adventure leader when ball throwing is required.


Adventure Leader

Although Tom spends most of his time away at university he can be spotted on an adventure or two during his holidays. Tom is a fan of heavy metal music and is always asking his electric guitar tutor to teach him rock songs. When Tom is in the van you can be sure that your dogs will be listening to his playlist!


The Holiday Dog Mummy

When you go on holiday and you need your dog to have a holiday too, Jules is here to care for all their needs.

Jules and her husband, Dan, are experienced with a variety of dogs and love hosting dogs for their holidays. When not looking after dogs, Jules loves to travel and has many countries stamped on her passport.