I’ve put together a selection of resources that will hopefully be of use to you and your dog.

For more help from me, check out our Rebarkable Dog Adventures

9 Activities to enjoy with your dog

Are you ready for 9 new activities to enjoy with your dog?

  • 3 new walks to try
  • 3 new games to play
  • 3 new tricks to master

3 (Secret) Dog friendly walks in Solihull

Do you enjoy exploring new places?

Pop your walking boots on and try these 3 walks.

  • Full instructions
  • Photos to guide you
  • 3 dog friendly walks

At the time of writing all walks were correct, it is out of my control if the landscape has been altered.

Be Rebarkable : Interactive games for you and your dog

Are you ready to Be Rebarkable and add some new games to your daily walks?

  • Full instructions
  • 9 games to try
  • Handy tips to take your games further