Our unique Mission Rebarkable Formula was developed to ensure that every adventure your dog has with us is filled with boundless excitement, endless joy, and unforgettable moments – all wrapped up in one unforgettable adventure package!

Here’s why we think we’ve raised the bar for dog adventures….

The Mission Rebarkable Formula!

We Collect

Your dog will travel in safety and in style as we head from your home to our countryside location.

With it’s five custom fitted canine cages in our brand colours, cushion padding, LED lights, fans and air con, plus a playlist to match our monthly theme. The adventure really does start the minute your dog comes on board the Rebarkable Bus.

We Explore

Getting away to our countryside location means plenty of sniffing enjoyment and wild exploration, a top priority for any adventurer.

You won’t find us sniffing around rubbish bins in a boring dog park!

We Exercise

Whether it’s an Exploration Trek or an Ultimate Adventure, your dog will get plenty of exercise.

If your dog loves to run off lead and have fun in a secure area then our Ultimate Rebarkable Adventure is the perfect solution. With 40 acres of private countryside to explore your dog’s legs and minds will certainly be worked.

We Play

Our Rebarkable Canine Companions bring to life a variety of themed monthly adventures through play.

Every adventure is meticulously structured which means your dog gets the chance to play a variety of games which even the shyest of dogs will enjoy.

Your dog may be challenged to a fun game of tug, or hide and seek, or catch.

Why not try out some of the games we play in this FREE eBook >>> Be Rebarkable: Interactive Games for you and your dog play book

We Enrich

We know enrichment is important which is why every adventure follows our Mission Rebarkable Formula.

And because we like to sprinkle some of our Rebarkable magic to the adventures, your dog will experience a variety of activities based around the months theme.

We might be deciphering riddles, fighting off wild beasts and discovering lost treasure on our pirate themed adventure. Or we could be embracing the spirit of fun and adventure, one paw-print at a time on our Paws and Pups of the Past Barktastic 80’s adventure.

Say goodbye to boring outings, and hello to extraordinary escapades!

We Return

After 1½ – 2 hours of fun and exercise we head back onboard the Rebarkable Bus for our return journey home.

With the lights dimmed and the relaxing playlist plugged in, your dog may well drift off into a well earned snooze dreaming about all the fun that they just had.

All that’s left to do is send out the pupdates and photos at the end of the day!

They’re called Rebarkable for a reason!

So much fun packed into every adventure