Enabling busy hoomans to live a guilt free day knowing that their energetic doggy pal is out experiencing a bespoke
Rebarkable Dog Adventure

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Does the thought of leaving your bored and energetic dog home alone cause you worry?

Are you concerned that your dog’s barking drives the neighbours bonkers when you’re away from home?

Do you find yourself apologising to your dog every time you repeat the same boring walk around the block?

Sign your dog up today for a Rebarkable Dog Adventure

Hi, I’m Caroline

I allow hoomans to go from worry to worry free, and for doggies to go from bored to enriched.

We explore, we exercise, we play, we enrich.

We go on Rebarkable Dog Adventures and your dog is invited too.

I believe a happy dog is a dog that is both mentally and physically exercised.

Which means that you can enjoy your evening together knowing that your best friend has had a pawsome day!

Hi, I’m Caroline and I am the face behind The Pet Sitter Solihull and Rebarkable Dog Adventures. Having been surrounded by pets my entire life I wanted to find a way that combined my love of the outdoors with my love of animals.

Pets are a part of our family and deserve a first class service and a first class ADVENTURE.

dog adventures

  • Perfect for high energy dogs that love exploring the outdoors.
  • We travel to a variety of locations, away from busy spots, so that your dog can experience new sights, sounds and smells
  • A choice of mini and maxi adventures, ranging from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins
  • All new adventurers go through our induction process prior to meeting their fellow explorers so that we can pair up dogs based on their personality
  • Every adventure provides the perfect balance of exercise, fun & games, and tricks to learn whilst following our systemised Dog Adventure Safety Programme

Ready to find out more?

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Choosing someone to look after your pet may feel like a daunting prospect which is why we offer a FREE Meet & Greet prior to any pet sitting or dog adventure.

Every pet is unique and they all come with different needs and requirements. Maybe there’s a favourite toy that they like to play with, a favourite way they like to be tickled or a favourite treat they like to be rewarded with. We’ll come to your home (following all Covid rules), meet you and your dog explain more about our adventures.

Not sure what a Meet & Greet is? Watch this short video where I explain what happens at a Meet & Greet.



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